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Course Code COE705 Credits 0
Course Name
Course Description
Every graduate student has to finish a Doctor Dissertation under his/her supervisor's instruction to fulfill the requirement for a Ph.D. degree.
 Preparatory Course
Course Code Course Name Important ideas, principles and skills linked to course
Basic or Core Learning Outcomes/ Learning goals
Interpretation:The term "Core Learning Outcomes" is called "Graduate Outcomes" in IEET; in AACSB, it is called "Learning Goals".
A.Prepare students with the ability of critical independent thinking, the ability to scheme and execute programs, and ability to diagnose and annotate outcomes. 
B.Prepare students with capability to collect, read, analyze, and present professional articles. 
C.Prepare students with ability to scheme system unit, to integrate full processes and also continue to strengthen with the aptitude in life-long learning. 
D.Prepare students with manners in effective communication and coordinating cooperative tasks in integration of manufacturing with commercialization. 
E.Prepare students with competence in professional and ethical responsibility and with the manners in self-demanding and responsible attitude. 
F.Prepare students with awareness of the upcoming trend and understanding the effects of engineering and technology on the environment, energy, ecology, society and globe. 
Correlation of Course Objectives and Basic/ Core Learning Outcomes / Learning goals
Theme of Learning Levels (Choose):1.Knowledge, 2.Comprehension, 3.Application, 4.Analysis, 5.Synthesis, 6.Evaluation
Correlation(Theme of Learning Levels)
Be able to collect, survey and review the literature. F2
Be able to analyze the issues. B5
Be able to finish the dissertations formally. C5
Be able to provide the innovation and originality of research. A5