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Course Code ATHL101 Credits 0
Course Name
Course Description
In order to implement the goal of Physical education ,to enhance students' basic strength condition and form the habit of lifetime exercise. (1) Field course - Base on teacher's specialty project in teaching, every project unit gives lessons for two weeks
 Preparatory Course
Course Code Course Name Important ideas, principles and skills linked to course
Basic or Core Learning Outcomes/ Learning goals
Interpretation:The term "Core Learning Outcomes" is called "Graduate Outcomes" in IEET; in AACSB, it is called "Learning Goals".
A.知識探索:Knowledge Pursuit 
B.資訊素養:Information Literacy 
C.溝通技巧:Communication Skills 
D.價值判斷:Critical Thinking 
E.追求樂活:Pursuing Quality of Lifestyle 
F.公民實踐:Global Citizenship 
Correlation of Course Objectives and Basic/ Core Learning Outcomes / Learning goals
Theme of Learning Levels (Choose):1.Knowledge, 2.Comprehension, 3.Application, 4.Analysis, 5.Synthesis, 6.Evaluation
Correlation(Theme of Learning Levels)
To promote basic physical health and fitness;To enhance students’ basic swimming skills;To cultivate students’ physical interests and habits;To lead students to lifelong physical exercise。 E3